How to start making eSports betting on Parimatch

Parimatch is definitely one of the most popular sportsbooks and bookmakers all over the world. Such a level of popularity has been due to the extraordinary features that users from all over the world can enjoy in this place. There are lots of sports that are available to place all kinds of wagers from this platform. Some examples are:

motor sports;
and even eSports!

All of them are incredibly popular opinions to wager on from the Parimatch websites. Users from Canada and anywhere else around the world will be able to enjoy everything that the website has to offer. Joining is totally free, and allows betting for the best golf players, eSports streamers and other great sports people and teams.
Is it legal to bet on eSports in Canada?
When answering the how to bet on eSports question, it is essential to take a look at the legal status of this industry in the country. While Canada hasn’t fully legalized its bookmakers and online casinos, there have certainly been many advancements regarding this issue. Right now only provincial establishments and platforms that are owned by foreign companies are allowed to set foot in the country. In other words, right now it is not possible for private Canadian entities to offer these kinds of services.

However, in what directly concerns the Parimatch eSports betting site, this bookmaker is not owned by a Canadian consortium. This means that for this platform it is completely possible to operate in the country in a completely legal and legit manner. Furthermore, the Parimatch platform has established itself as one of the best eSports betting Canada platforms for fans of a wide variety of games and forms of entertainment.
Which kinds of eSports bets are available at Parimatch?
Parimatch allows its members to wager in the biggest eSports games. Right now people can make eSports gambling in videogames such as Overwatch, League of Legends, FIFA, Street Fighter and many others. Considering that all of those games are very different from one another, it is natural that many different kinds of wagers could arise from this diversity. This also means that many eSports tournaments are available.

However, to speak in more general terms, and considering that most of the videogames featured at the eSports section of Parimatch basically face two opponents who need to win, it is already possible to deduce that one of the eSports bet forms at this portal is to guess the winner. This kind of gamble is quite similar to the ones that can be found in traditional sports.

However, it is also a good idea to talk about the diversity of wagers that come with this diversity of videogames. For example, in games like League of Legends where all players have tasks of their own, it is possible to make eSports betting on which player has scored the most on it, which is independent of the team that claims victory.

But there is more, because the eSports section of Parimatch offers another incredible feature that has impressed a lot of individuals from Canada and the rest of the world. Specifically, just like in traditional sports like football or tennis, people can also follow live scores and even live streamings which feature some of the most talented and popular teams that play these games.

Obviously, these live streamings can be enjoyed only for the sake of entertainment. However, they also bring another extra powerful feature, which is to make some fantastic live bets. Of course, and as it happens in all the other disciplines that Parimatch can offer to the general public, the odds for these wagers are the best in the entire market.
How large is the eSports betting market
Certainly the eSports betting market is a huge one. In fact, it has reached billions of dollars during recent years when combining the results of the largest bookmakers that currently operate in the market. Such an impressive figure has come from mostly two main factors.

First of all, there is the growth of eSports and its tournaments as a discipline of its own. Considering that younger generations love to spend time playing videogames, and therefore, also love to follow the most popular streamers and players of certain forms of entertainment, it is natural that many of them would choose to turn into sports betting.

On the other hand, there is the growth of the sports betting market itself. Of course, this one can’t grow without the sport itself experiencing a great growth as well. However, it is unlikely that people would massively turn into eSports betting if good platforms for this purpose wouldn’t exist.

This is why the apparition of the most important bookmakers in the world, such as Parimatch, has allowed millions in Canada and the rest of the world to try and start making eSports betting by themselves. Considering that this site features the best coefficients, odds and even handicaps, it is natural that Pari Match has become a true reference for fans of eSports wagering.
Some betting strategies for eSports
There are many strategies to wager on eSports. While most people have developed strategies of their own, it is a good idea to highlight some general eSports betting tips that might increase the chances of making successful plays.

First of all, carefully balance risky and conservative bets. While many people might think that a seemingly risky bet will really pay-off, if it is risky for a reason. That’s why it is essential to study the bets and odds and see which one has the greatest potential of paying off.

On the other hand, an extremely important strategy is to become informed. Parimatch features betting predictions and analysis of their own, which can be extremely important in allowing people to have a good outcome.

Finally, and this applies to all disciplines, people should never wager what they can afford to lose. Even the safest bets have a margin for error. As long as everybody keeps their betting behavior under control, things should work smoothly.